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What this intimate care range can do for you ?

Dr. Wolff‘s Vagisan product range has been specially designed to promote a healthy intimate area and to relieve the symptoms of vaginal dryness.

Trusted By Over 1 Million Women Around The Globe

"After using your cream for a week every night for the 1st week, I decided to have intercourse with my husband. Well I must say it was 80% better than before I started using your cream. Still a little bit uncomfortable but bearable, so I better order another tube."

Tera V.



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Vaginal Infections

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Got to the symptoms section and choose the area you want to improve, and we will recommend the right product - we make it that easy.

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How do you really know if it works until its part of your routine? You don't. So, integrate it into your daily self-care routine and feel the change happening.

We not only care about your V we also care about you

Dr. Wolff's Vagisan the intimate expert

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Healthy genital area

A healthy female genital area makes a major contribution to the wellbeing of women.

We offer tips on intimate hygiene, information on common problems such as vaginal infections or vaginal dryness, show possible treatment options and preventive measures.